Are you a realtor or staging professional?
We understand that in your business, first impressions often mean last impressions.
Let us help you present the best you have to offer.


If you just sold a home, saying thank you has never been easier.

Complimentary Consultation

Whether you want to use our services, or gift it to your clients. Our initial consult and quote is free of charge.

Environmentally Friendly

Avoid potential allergic reactions with our services. Scent-free, no harsh chemicals, and good for the environment.

Quality Guaranteed

Your satisfaction with our service is our priority. So, we offer a final walk-through once our work is completed to ensure you are pleased with our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire real estate cleaning?

As a real estate professional; you know that a clean home sells quicker and for top dollar. The main reason is that potential home buyers can feel at home in an inviting setting. This is where Emanuel Cleaning comes in. While you take care of your clientele, we take care of the homes that you want to sell.

Is there a discount for multiple bookings?

Yes. We offer a loyalty program based on the number of services booked or gifted. We offer this discount after two services have been completed.

When should I book this service?

Our work will give you the best results the day before an open house or private showing.

How does the service work?

A cleaning team will arrive on site at the schedule time. They will bring all the cleaning products necessary. They will need a tour of the house and/or areas that need to be cleaned. If there’s stain removal needed or polishing of furnishings, they will do so at this time as well. During the complimentary consultation we will take into account any specific cleaning requests so that we can allow enough time to have the work complete to your satisfaction.

How long does a cleaning take?

This depends on the size and condition of the home. We can provide you with a fully detailed quote during our complimentary consultation.

Look No further

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, or would like to book a complimentary consultation contact us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.